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Chicken risotto and margarittas

the risotto turned out pretty good... the margarittas turned out awesome (home made sweet and sour mix 2 shots, 1 shot tequila, 1 shot cointreau, splash of lime juice (that stuff from the plastic bottle, but it's hard to find fresh limes here)... the sweet and sour was 1 part simple syrup, 1 part lemon juice, 1 part lime juice) (cocktail making is a little side hobby of mine)

Pig's feet

Today my wife and I decided to get some take-out... This is a famous market in Seoul.  It's famous for pig's feet (not the toes.. more like the knuckles and lower leg)

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it may seem gross, at a glance, but it's mostly meat, not fat... and it's boiled in some kinf od concoction of cinnamon and who knows what else, then it's smoked, I think.... it's really sweet and salty and great for a drink with your friends.

total was 24,000 korean won - about $22 USD

Chirashi again!


Dojima Ann, downtown San Francisco


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Korean "military stew" (budaejjigae)... a mix of ramen noodles, kimchi, beans, hot dogs, spam, mushrooms, green onions, yellow onion, rice cake... and anything else you want to throw in!

side dishes: rice, seasoned roast seaweed, pickled daikon raddish, and spring mulberry leaves (dried, and later rehydrated in a pressure cooker)

(by the way, the korean dishes I post here are things made by my wife... if it's western, I made it, haha)

How to make your pictures better

hey all!

just wanted to share a nice app, in case you make your pictures with an iPhone, like me.
I used to make pictures with Instagram, and I love the app, but you can't get a final picture without sharing it to your Instagram and Facebook (in my case, I have automatic sharing enabled).
Now I found Camera Awesome app, it's free, it has all these cool photo filters, but you can just save a final picture to your phone and share it to this community or email it or whatever. 

Also in case you don't know - new Scrapbook beta has a working image wizard so you can resize images to 600 pix wide and not break the layout.