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Hello, everyone!

I'm coming out of lurking to share with you what we had on my mum's birthday. It wasn't exactly what we JUST ate, but it sure is now sitting in our bellies~ 

I have included a recipe on my blog. You could click the photo to get to the blog post :D

Looking forward to having you on my blog~, 



Yum yum gimme some

Homemade lasagna with salad and garlic texas toast. Time to eat!! </p>

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Это обед моей семьи, а давайте по-русски тоже писать


Spaghetti Night!


Garlic Texas Toast, Sweet Butter lettuce with Parmesan cheese and Caesar dressing, and regular spaghetti noodles with Ragu's Traditional sauce and Homemade Meatballs. Absolutely delicious :)

Panera Bread

Greek salad with feta cheese and baguette.  My first time eating at panera bread :3

Vegan Thai

spicy larb salad from Vegan Thai at Fremantle markets</p>

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